July 22, 2016

Trump awakens the sleeping giant of America

The liberal media has got its knickers in a twist. In fact-checking Donald Trump’s moving appeal to ordinary Americans who have been burned by what he calls a “rigged system,” they’ve had to defend NAFTA, pretend that 2015 was a banner year for the creation of manufacturing jobs, and defend Bill Clinton’s corrupt business dealings with foreign tyrants and the favors his wife showered on them as Secretary of State.

Despite their valiant efforts, even a CBS morning news anchor, while presenting the speech derisively to viewers, had to admit that Mr. Trump’s statements were “mostly true.” Her only quibble: the 282 source notes released along with the speech “just didn’t provide much context.”

That seemed about the best that even Media Matters, the Hillary Clinton research outfit subsidized by George Soros, could do. (They half-heartedly reproduced tweets from pro-Hillary partisans calling the speech “dark” and “ugly,” but that hardly counts).  More

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