July 8, 2016

State Department reopens Clinton emails probe

The State Department has reopened its probe into Hillary Clinton's email scandal, as Republican senators put pressure on officials to restrict her security clearance.

Even Clinton's top aides - such as Huma Abedin - could have a tough time getting clearance in the future as a result of the email scandal tied to the former secretary of state's secret server.

'I’d tell them that "you’ve got a fight on your hands,"' Bill Savarino, a lawyer who is a specialist on the issue, told the New York Times.

A group of Republican senators are accusing Hillary Clinton of 'grossly negligent' behavior and are asking Secretary of State John Kerry to suspend not only Clinton's security clearance but her top aides as well.  More

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

If this idiot gets to be president our enemies will be jumping up and down. They will know all of our secrets.