August 7, 2015

Ben Carson’s Powerful Closing Statement is Causing a Buzz

As the GOP debate came to a close, Dr. Ben Carson offered a powerful closing statement that’s catching a lot of attention.

It started with some humor, which the audience loved.

Carson said:

“I haven’t said anything about me being the only one to do anything, so let me try that. I am the only one to separate Siamese twins. The only one to operate on babies while they’re still in their mother’s womb. The only one to take out half of a brain, but you would think if you go to Washington, that someone had beat me to it.”

Then, he went into a more serious tone.

“But I am very hopeful that I am not the only one who is willing to pick up the baton of freedom. Because freedom is not free and we must fight for it every day. Everyone of us must fight for it because we are fighting for our children and the next generation.”

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